Atelier Saint Frison

TExtilE design in paris


Weaving is a story of union, of encounter: on my loom, the warp and weft threads intertwine to give birth to cloths. 


Patience is the leitmotiv of this ancestral know-how : a production of quality in reasonable quantities, which is part of the « slow-made » movement. Behind each fabric you can feel the handwork, the irregular gesture of the craftsman who made it, making the pieces unique and singular. An aesthetic that refers to the Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese concept that values the imperfect beauty of craftsmanship. 


My creations are based on the exploration of different weaves and weaving techniques, combined with the research of various colours, materials and textures to offer fabrics that are both original and timeless, combining traditional know-how and contemporary design.

Margaux Saint Frison

My passion for hand weaving was born during my studies at ESAA Duperré, where I obtained a « Diplôme des Métiers d’Arts », Specialized in Weaving. 

Following this education, I had the opportunity to work for a textile designer, to enrich my knowledge of the craft and to approach the world of decoration, to which I decided to devote myself by creating my own label of hand-made decorative fabrics.

The creative studio

In my workshop based in Saint-Ouen, I create and develop collections of handmade fabrics, made on a traditional hand loom, for interior designers and decorators looking for singular fabrics to embellish spaces. 

The creation begins with a careful selection of raw materials that I source from excellent European spinners who offer high-quality yarns. I combine noble and naturally beautiful fibers such as linen, wool or cotton with yarns having a more sophisticated twist and structure to create textured, graphic fabrics, trying to stay as close as possible to current trends. The search for structures and weaves is also essential in the design of each reference.