Mind the head(board) !

We spend at least 8 to 10 hours a day in your room, so it is important to decorate it well and this includes choosing a headboard. This element of decoration, often overlooked, nevertheless brings a real touch of modernity and personality to the room.

Here are a few ideas of unusual headboards to take from hotels !

Mixing vegetal materials with graphic wallpapers

Welcome to Miami

At the Hotel Doisy in Paris, designed by architects Raphaëlle Levet and Bénédicte Pierens, the rooms have a 1930s Miami atmosphere. Sublime rattan headboards have been made to measure by the mythical Drucker house, which created the famous chairs on the terraces of Parisian bistros. (to find out more about these creations by Inès Lucas : https://www.maisonlouisdrucker.com/actualites/tete-de-lit-doisy-par-ines-lucas-copy/)

Deluxe Palm room – Hôtel Doisy Etoile, Paris

Their graphic lines are evocative of the Decorative Arts, and they hang, almost like paintings, on walls lined with wallpaper with lush tropical foliage motifs. 

Superior Mango room – Hôtel Doisy Etoile, Paris

1900’s Spirit

Decorated by the very popular interior designer Dorothée Meilizchon, the Hôtel Panache pays homage to the Belle Epoque. In the rooms, the 1900 spirit headboards are an evocation of the emblematic Thonet chairs. Wood has been replaced by bowed steel for the curved structure, and blends perfectly with the traditional wickerwork.

Hôtel Panache, Paris

Once again, wallpapers with geometric patterns serve as a background for these round headboards, creating a contrast and balance between curves and lines.

Hôtel Panache, Paris

Fabric headboards

Tribute to the Roaring Twenties

The Hotel Léopold, located in the heart of Montparnasse’s artists’ and writers’ district, plunges us into the past splendour of the Roaring Twenties. Raphaëlle Levet and Bénédicte Pierens, co-founders of BR Design, designed and decorated this timeless setting.

Let’s go straight into the rooms, whose generously rounded headboards are upholstered with colourful velvets and splendid floral fabrics by William Morris, pioneer of the Arts and Crafts movement.

Hôtel Leopold, Paris
Hôtel Leopold, Paris

Revisited quilting

The architectural firm Desjeux Delaye was in charge of decorating this discreet and cosy lair, located a few steps from the Canal Saint-Martin : the La Planque Hotel.

Thought as a family home, this hotel with its timeless, chic and cosy atmosphere has 36 rooms. And what immediately catches the eye are the very graphic headboards, composed of a set of horizontal ovals, which are crossed by a lamp designed to measure by the duo of architects. The headboards upholstered with silky velvet are in the traditional quilted, upholstered codes, but in a very contemporary version and totally revisited as a construction game.

Hôtel La Planque, Paris

In Marie Antoinette’s sheets…

It was Dorothée Meilichzon again who signed the decoration of the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards, echoing the 18th century and the country spirit of Marie-Antoinette’s Petit Trianon.

Four-poster beds are enthroned in the rooms : a theatrical velvet headboard and a draped linen bedspread combine perfectly and play on the contrasts between noble and raw materials. This encounter between a « royal » spirit and a pastoral atmosphere is supported by the choice of soft colours on the walls such as blues, pinks and greens.

Hôtel des Grands Boulevards, Paris

As you will have understood, anything goes when it comes to the headboard, and it is necessary to dare the associations and contrasts between materials, patterns and colours to give character to your room.

Good night, and sweet dreams! 

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