Super Green

Green has not always been very successful in decoration, as it was long avoided because people preferred more neutral shades, or those considered simpler to match.

For about three years now, green has been making a strong comeback in our interiors, with a new flagship shade every season. So we go from emerald green, to sage green, through the shades of khaki, mint, forest, celadon, almond, linden, olive. As the names of all these shades attest, green directly echoes nature and vegetation. It is a soothing colour, a symbol of the hope of youth. So let’s see how to turn your decorations green !

Adopt green in your decor: which room, which style, which accessory to choose?

Adding colour to a section of wall

If it belongs to the so-called cool colours, green will certainly not prevent you from creating a warm atmosphere. In the living room, don’t hesitate to paint a section of wall, and why not in a rather dark shade that will bring a cosy, hushed and cosy atmosphere.

In the bedroom, you can opt for more pastel shades, muted or soft, such as sage green or verdigris, which are conducive to calm and serenity. You can combine it with decorative accessories in natural materials such as a headboard or rattan mirrors, cane or straw lights, in order to refine the cabin spirit and the fresh atmosphere of your cocoon.

Also dare to go green in the kitchen! In a bottle, English, pine, forest shade to be combined with mineral materials such as marble, stone, slate, or natural materials such as wood and small touches of brass for a very chic effect.

Finally, let’s go to the bathroom. Why not choose coloured tiles that will change from the classic white? Emerald green, reminiscent of the deep hue of the gemstone, would be perfect to create a luxurious setting that encourages you to take care of yourself. To be used in touches, on the walls or the floor.

Opt for a vegetal wallpaper

Another way to embrace green in your decor is to add a vegetal touch to your interior.
To complement our plants, why not opt for a decor that’s truer than nature?
Wallpaper editors offer us a multitude of designs: ultra-realistic, in trompe l’oeil, oasis, botanical gardens or lush jungles… here’s a small selection of decors to inspire you.

Panoramic Wallpaper Botanical Garden from Rebel Walls
Panoramic wallpaper Tsaratana, from Ananbô
Panoramic wallpaper Bahamas, from Bien Fait

Sofas, cushions and bed linen are wrapped in green.

The sofa is one of the main pieces of our living rooms, and shades of grey have had their day… give way to colour, especially green to give character to your living room.
For the shade, we would prefer it dark : emerald, English, pine, or olive. And for the material, velvet! crushed, smooth, wool, silk or cotton velvet… to accentuate the cosy and chic look. To avoid the classic effect, mix with more bohemian and mottled pieces: Berber or Persian rugs, vintage sideboard, metal or raw wood coffee table.

© The House that Lars Built

If you’re shyer, start by simply arranging the cushions in different shades of green on your sofa or bed! Once again, dare to mix and match prints, materials and patterns! You can refer to this article that I wrote to guide you in your choice of cushions, and help you to mix and match them.

Source : @thedesignchaser

Bed sheets are also a good way to introduce green into your decor, and then if you get tired of it, you can change everything in the blink of an eye! It is best to choose it in washed linen, to preserve the natural spirit.

Source : @thedesignchaser

Greens: what shades should they be married with?

We often say « green », but in reality it comes in an infinite number of subtle shades.
Here is a small summary of the different shades of green most often found in decoration, and ideas of colours to match them.

Green and yellow

And no, it’s not in bad taste to combine green and yellow!
You just need to know which colours to marry to prevent your interior from being gaudy or looking like the Brazilian flag.
The association of a dark green (English green, duck or fir for example) with a spicy yellow (mustard, curry, saffron…) works very well. The idea is also not to give the same importance to both colours: choose a dominant colour – green or yellow – that you will highlight with a piece of furniture, accessories or a piece of wall in the complementary colour. Small brass details in your green and yellow decor will add a chic touch to the whole.

Green and pink

Again, it’s a winning combo if you pick the right shades.
Pink is a complementary color to green on the color wheel, so it counterbalances it very well to the eye. We’ll choose powdered or muted shades such as blush pink, nude, and even earth-inspired colours such as terracotta.

Green and blue

It’s also an association that can be scary! We rarely think of associating cold colours with each other, because we imagine that the whole will be sad. And yet, it is a marriage that can be perfectly successful provided once again that you do not choose shades of the same intensity: if the blue is as deep as a navy blue or indigo, you will associate a much softer green – a pastel shade or a green-grey.

Source : Pinterest

Green and black

Or more precisely, green and black AND white. The black and white magic couple works with everything, including green. You can decide to bring the black and white touches via decorative accessories (cushions, carpets), and wall decorations: black and white photo frames, ethnic baskets, etc. It is also a combination that works very well for a chic kitchen.

As you will have understood, green is neither a difficult shade to match nor a sad one. Don’t hesitate to bring this energizing and soothing colour into your home!

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